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The Hottest Concert Tickets

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Want Discount Concert Tickets To See Bands Live?

If you love going to see your favorite bands on tour live and you want to pay the least amount of cash doing so, well this ticket site is the only one you need.

First and foremost, Discounted Tickets Online is for music lovers like you who want the FULL ON experience of seeing music live in the flesh in concert; that is why we have built this site, especially for those of you who like us, just love to see their favorite bands live in concert and the special atmosphere which you can only get when seeing live music.

Low Price Band TicketsWe want this site to be quite simply the best place on the web to get your concert tickets at discounted prices for you to see bands on tour throughout the country and beyond, no matter which band you want to see in concert, from Gaga to Green Day – Stones to Timberlake.

If your favorite bands are on tour, we will have the tickets available for you to purchase Here and we try our best to sniff out the cheapest concert tickets for you to buy, often upto 15% cheaper than other online concert ticket sites, assuming they haven’t sold out already of course.

As a music fan and one who loves experiencing it live, we want you to get involved too. We positively encourage you to upload your own reviews of the bands you go and see, giving other readers the benefit of your point of view, if you have photos, or even videos, please share them, we would all love to see what you get up to, but please keep it clean, we would want anyone to get the wrong idea of you J

Why Should You Buy Your Concert Tickets From Us?

We are passionate about live music and we hope that will show as you browse around the site…that is all very well I hear your say, but what is in it for me? Well, quite bit actually. As we partner one of the largest concert ticket networks on the planet, we can guarantee that the tickets are genuine and authentic… they are the real deal.

Through our Ticket Partners we have the very latest ticket news so when the bands announce they have tickets on sale for an upcoming tour, we have the live concert tickets up for sale available immediately on release. We often have exclusive deals to or pre-sales events so you can get your hands on concert tickets, sometimes days before general release.

You can even contact tickets agents live should you wish to discuss over the phone rather than online. We also have, through our partner program our famous 125% money back guarantee (conditions apply).

Sometime we have tickets available at the last minute, so never give up, it’s always worth a shot calling. Plus we are the only site that can give you cheap concert tickets at prices upto 15% cheaper than other places online.

Which Band Or Artist Is Worth Going To See Live?

Well take your pick – there has never been a better time to be a music fan than right now, with the biggest bands and popstars on the planet touring right now you definitely spoilt for choice.

Bruce Springsteen Tickets

There are some mouth-watering gigs happening over the coming months, some examples are the piano man himself, you can get Billy Joel here and see him pumping out his big hits such as uptown girl and Piano Man or what about the Bruno Mars tour, his tickets are selling like hot cakes, but he is always worth going live in concert and is receiving rave reviews across the country right now.

Bruce Springsteen Tickets If you’re more old school, The Rolling Stones tour is making progress across the globe, but tickets are always hard to come by as one of the biggest rock bands on the planet.

Also fast disappearing are those for the Paul McCartney tour after the release of his acclaimed new studio album has revived interest in his newer work aswell as that from the Beatles archive and of course wings. Bruce Springsteen is also touring live this summer, and you can guarantee a fabulous show to last upwards of 3 hours, but who ever you would liek to see you can get a better choice of all the bands touring at any time here >>>.

For you Country fans, you can always be guaranteed a wealth of entertainment, but right now Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan shows are touring and certainly worth the price of a live ticket.

What Can You Expect When Going To See Your Band LIve On Tour?

The great news is that more than likely it will be an amazing experience and one you will thoroughly enjoy with all the lighting and special effects bands now use on the live tours.  But you just have to be practical too, as you do not know what may happen that you have no control over.

One such instance was when I went to see Coldplay, I was really looking forward to the concert, I travelled to the venue early, had a bite to eat, got to the stadium to soak up the atmosphere, and just as the support band comes on, low and below, I only lost one of my contact lenses, so only saw the concert through one clear eye as I didn’t have a spare, it sounded great, but the visual experience was less than anticipated.

Obviously the moral of the story is that if you have spent good money and waited a long time to see your band live in concert, please heed my warning and try to prepare for most eventualities as much as you can. So, if you do wear glasses or contacts for example, always have a contingency, just in case.

What Other Things Should You Prepare For When Going To A Concert?

It’s really easy to get totally drawn in by all the hysteria and excitement just thinking about  going to see a concert by your favourite band, but you have to take some sensible measures to ensure that you enjoy your experience to the full.

Firstly, think about the venue and the time of year, is it indoor or outdoors. Have you purchased a standing ticket or is it a seat? How are you going to travel to and from the gig and if you are from out of town, do you have a place to stay, and if you are staying at a hotel, how far away from the theater is it. If you need to book a room, don’t leave it until the last minute and pay inflated prices

How To Use This Site

We have made this really simple to by following these simple steps:

  1. Choose who you want to see by clicking Here
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  4. Secure your concert ticket by using our secure payment system

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We'll alert you when tickets are availble for your favorite bands/artists